Women's Competitions

NGC Women's Club Days and Start times


18 Hole


Book via Dotgolf in Womens 18 hole slots to reserve a place during this peak time - note this is to reserve your slot, it is NOT your tee time.

Cards to sprig room by 0800 to be in the draw - first tee time from 0819


No booking via Dotgolf required

Daylight Saving Time - Discs in by 0800 for 0830 start time

Normal Time - Discs in by 0830 for 0900 start time


9 Hole


There is currently no 9 hole weekend club competition – this will be reviewed if a need is identified – please contact the Women Club Captain Barbara Davis, or club Manager Mary Moore.

Bookings for 9 hole weekend casual golf can be made via Dotgolf


No booking via Dotgolf required

Daylight Saving Time – Discs in by 0830 for 0900 start 

Normal Time – Discs in by 0900 for 0930 start




Committee Competition Rules

Board approved Version1 09.06.2020

Before entering any competition, please consider your domestic, social, and other sporting event
obligations and prioritise your commitments to be fair to all participating players. Any request to
the Committee will be considered and determined under the relevant R & A Rules.


Unless otherwise stated a competition arranged by a Golf Committee (“Committee”) shall be “Elite
Golf” played from the designated Tee Colour. The Local Rule for alternative to “stroke and distance
for ball out of bounds or lost ball” does not apply.

In addition to any listed competition terms, a player:

· enters the competition when requesting a playing card and answering “yes” to the listed competition;
· must be aware that:
· submitting a scorecard on day 1 does not automatically include any subsequent day of the competition;
· answering “yes” to the listed competition on any subsequent day past day 1 extends the competition for that day;
· failure to follow the follow the competition prompts when requesting a playing card will be deemed withdrawal from the competition;
· the first recorded score is the qualifying score for the competition;
· qualifying is to be played on or by the dates and times set out in the playing program.


The Committee will specify the date and time when, or the date by when, a match must be
completed (“Completion Date”):

· each player has an equal responsibility to arrange completion of their match;
· if attempts to arrange a match are unsuccessful, a player may report the circumstances to the Committee before the Completion Date;
· the Committee shall endeavour to assist the players complete their match by the Completion Date.


A player requesting an extension of the Completion Date must make an application to the
Committee by emailing a member of the Committee on or before the Completion Date. The
Committee shall have regard to all circumstances including:

· death or serious injury in the immediate family;
· National or Provincial Representation in Golf including HB Golf Academy Requirements;
· Club Representation in other competitions.


If an agreement cannot be reached between the players and the match is not completed by the
Completion Date the Committee shall decide the result of the match after considering all the
circumstances and treating the situation in a way that is consistent, fair and reasonable with how
similar situations are treated under the R & A Rules.

If the players either fail to complete the match or post the match result on the competition draw by
the Completion Date the Committee may decide the result by either disqualifying both players or
putting the player named first or second into the next round.

In any matter under dispute the decision of the Committee shall be final.