Motor Home & Caravans
The Napier Golf Club Incorporated ("NGC'')
Certified self-contained vehicle (motor home, caravan) policy document and conditions
"Board" means the Board of management of NGC.
"Car Park" means that part of the Course comprising the sealed carpark area adjacent to the Club House.
"Conditions" means the SVA conditions of use approved by the Board for the Car Park.
"Course" means all the land owned and leased by NGC and includes the Car Park.
"Event" means any event on the Course approved or managed by NGC.
"Golfer" means any registered person playing/participating in an Event.
"Local Authority" means either The Hastings District Council or the Napier District Council.
"Night" means the consecutive night:
after a Round; or
after each day of an Event.
"NZMCA" means The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc.
"Occupant" means any person driving, or using the SVA in the Car Park and includes "Golfer during an Event.
"Round" means a 9 or 18 hole game of golf played by an Occupant on the Course.
Rules means the "General Rules and Information" about the use of the Course authorised by the Board.
SVA means a certified self-contained vehicle, designed and built for the purpose of camping which:
is capable of meeting the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the Occupants for a minimum of 3 days without requiring any external services or discharging any waste;
complies with New Zealand Standard 5465:2001 as evidenced by the easily visible display of a NZ MCA self- containment certificate.
"Waste" means "grey/waste water"; rubbish in any form; content of a toilet cassette.
  1. .   There are no Board approved documents relating to overnight parking of a SVA at the Car Park.
  2. .   The Board:
    1.    is aware of an increase in SVA numbers using the Car Park and requesting permission to use the Car Park overnight;
    2.    intends to implement and document policies and Rules for the overnight use of a SVA that are reasonably practicable having regard to Local Authority freedom camping rules and policies made under the Freedom of Camping Act 2011.
    Period of Stay
  4. .   After a Round the Occupant with a SVA may use the Car Park for a Night.
  5. .   A Golfer with a SVA may use the Car Park for a Night during an Event.
  7. .   The Occupant must ensure that the SVA:
    1.    is only parked between the lines of a marked parking area (if necessary extending onto the opposite marked parking area but without occupying more than 2 marked parking areas);
    2.    does not obstruct: access ways; entry to the Course; access/entry to buildings.
    Adjacent properties
  9. .   As there are 2 tenanted buildings adjacent to the Car Park the Occupant shall not:
    1.    cause a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance;
    2.    allow the creation of excessive noise.
    Rubbish and Waste
  11. .   There is no Waste disposal facility at the Course. The Occupant shall take all Waste away from the Course;
  12. .   The nearest Local Authority dump stations for waste disposal are in Napier at
    1.    104 Latham Street;
    2.    Pump Track carpark on Marine Parade.
    Prohibited activities
  14. .   The Occupant shall not:
    1.    light any outdoor fire or barbeque;
    2.    erect any washing line, awning or tent;
    3.    empty Waste into a Course rubbish bin; discharge Waste onto the Car Park or in the Club toilets;
    4.    use the Car Park any part of the Course as a to ilet.
  15. .   The Board may:
    1.    alter or rescind this policy;
    2.    revoke permission for a SVA to stay a Night in its sole discretion.