General Info


Café is open 7 days a week. Phone Gillian 029 771 8833

  • Monday – honesty box.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm.
  • Saturday 7.30 to 5pm. Sunday 8.30 to 5 pm.
  • Sandwiches, pies, quiches, toasted sandwiches, sweets.
  • Coffee – espresso, long black, latte, cappuccino, flat whites, etc.
  • Breakfasts available at opening hours or earlier by arrangement.
  • Catering for large golf groups and other functions by arrangement with the Club office and Gillian.
  • If you have any special dietary needs, please contact or advise the caterer prior to your round of golf.
  • There will be food available during all bar hours.


The Clubhouse is always available to hire for private functions (seminars, birthdays, Christmas and staff functions). Certain conditions apply. Please direct all enquiries to the office.


For a full list of all competition conditions, please see office for further information


Practice is permitted only in the following designated areas:

  • Main putting green in front of the Club House – no chipping allowed onto this green
  • Chipping green to the rear of the Club House – no further than 3 metres from the green please
  • Driving range adjacent to 1st fairway – balls to be purchased from Pro Shop;
  • Driving nets behind the 1st fairway tee blocks
  • Bunker and chipping green adjacent to 10th fairway – safe use requires every golfer to be in control; mindful of distance and other golfers using the facility
  • 6 hole course – entry from Omarunui Road
  • Bunker play to green – adjacent to 11th hole
  • Practice area adjacent to 12th fairway - car park access from Links Road:
    • if there is more than 1 person on the practice area balls can only be hit from the tee box area towards Links Road
    • safe use requires every golfer to be in control; mindful of distance and other golfers using the facility


The hole-in-one insurance you have taken out covers you for the following:

  1. A mention in the Club’s newsletter
  2. Your name engraved on the Hole-in-One board
  3. An engraved macrocarpa upstand with all your Hole-in-One details
  4. An optional NZ Golf Hole-in-One Badge; the current cost is $8.50.
  5. Vouchers to the value of $200 for your Hole-in-One which can be put towards the following four options:
    1. A shout at the bar in the clubhouse
    2. A donation to the Club’s course maintenance programme to be used towards the purchase of shrubs, trees, or something specific which you can nominate
    3. Purchases from our Pro shop
    4. A donation to the Club's junior golf programme


  • You MUST have an official NZ Golf Handicap and be a financial member of the Napier Golf Club Inc.
  • You must be a financial member and have paid the Hole-in-One insurance through your Napier Golf Club membership subscription.
  • Your scorecard used to claim your Hole-in-One must be an official one obtained from the Pro shop BEFORE going out on to the course and MUST be verified by office before the voucher credit can be given.
  • The scorecard MUST show all your membership and handicap details, be dated, and be signed by you and your marker.
  • A minimum of 7 holes must be played on a registered NZ golf scorecard
  • 9-hole golf course to be eligible
  • Incomplete scorecards returned will not be accepted.



Any changes to be made to the start sheet on the day of play must be done through the Pro shop or the office. This will ensure everyone is accounted for and players are not left on their own through cancellations. If you are bringing extra players out to play, please contact the office to ensure there is still a spot available.

Please remain in your allocated tee time. Do not “hop” around the start sheet to play with someone else, leaving players on their own. This is particularly embarrassing when visitors have been booked in with members and are then abandoned.

All games are to be played in fours or less, unless authorised by the Pro, or competition starter.

  • On a two tee start no play to commence from ANY tee between 9am and 11am and between 1pm and 3pm. Players arriving after 9am and 1pm may only start with the approval of the Pro, or competition starter
  • Players who reach the turn before 9am and 1pm MUST give way to starting players.
  • Please report to the starter 15 minutes prior to your booked time or be at the tee ready to start at the time booked.
  • No balls to be placed in chutes until all players are in the vicinity of the clubhouse.
  • During the summer season, games are to commence from the No 1 tee only. Players who commence from the No 10 tee will have no right of way at the turn.
  • It is essential to advise the Pro shop 844 7970 or the office 844 7913, if you are unable to play at the appointed time.  If you are late on arrival and miss your tee time, you may have to consider other available tee times.



To assist the listing of correct addresses, emails and telephone numbers, please notify the Office staff - ph 844 7913 as soon as possible should these alter. Members can log into MyGolf and update their details on the Dashboard - Profile page. Any incorrect email address will not allow you to make Internet Tee Bookings or receive regular Club newsletters.

Members must submit in writing to the Office, any changes relating to their playing category and also if you intend to resign from the Club.