Membership Options
Membership subscriptions:
For the year 01 October to 30 September our membership options are listed below, these include all district and New Zealand Golf levies and are GST inclusive.
NB – These prices are subject to change please confirm costs on application.
Full Playing$1218.00
9 Hole$723.70
Full Playing U35$875.00
Full Playing U25$534.00
Full Playing U21$394.00
Full Playing Junior U19 $235.00
Full Playing U17 $135.00
6 Hole Beginners/Social Member $70.00
Restricted U14 $54.00
Summer 18 Hole – Oct to Mar (cost subject to change annually)$648.00
Summer 9 Hole – Oct to Mar (cost subject to change annually)$396.00
18 Hole Half Summer Only – Jan – Mar (cost subject to change annually) $388.00