Membership Options
Membership subscriptions:
For the year 01 October to 30 September our membership options are listed below, these include all District and New Zealand Golf levies and are GST inclusive.
NB – These prices are subject to change please confirm costs on application.
Full Playing $1440
9 Hole
Full Playing U40 $1180
Full Playing U35 $920
Full Playing U25 $470
Full Playing Junior U19 $160
Restricted U14 $75
International (3 months only)    $485
6 Hole Beginners/Social Member $90
Secondary 18 hole    $750
Summer 18 Hole – Oct to Mar  $795
Summer 9 Hole – Oct to Mar  $460
 Summer - 18 Hole Half  Oct - Dec or Jan – Mar  $460


To join now complete the Online Membership Form below. One of our friendly staff will then be in touch to discuss your membership and answer any questions you may have.

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