Other Comp Results

Congratulations to the Crossman Cup Team 2019

Well done to our Saturday women who won the Crossman Cup against Combined, Hastings, Maraenui & Hawkes Bay.

Di Scott, Janie Field, Patricia Kerr, Pip McCarthy, Vicki Turley, Raewyn Holloway, Jeanine Daly, Ali Timms, Haena Seol, Kay Glenny (absent Kim Allen, Tini Tuhura, Sue Sowerby)

Congratulations to the Coronation Cup team 2019

The 4 teams competing in the final were Te Pohue from Zone 1, Napier from Zone 2, Porangahau from Zone 3 and Pongaroa in Zone 4.

Saturday weather was rather cold, windy and wet at times. At the end of Saturday play it was very even, with Te Pohue holding a slight advantage in games.

On Sunday, in perfect weather, Napier took full advantage of the improved conditions, were unbeaten with 8 wins and 4 halves across the 12 players.

Napier took out the cup with 6 points from 3 wins, while the other three teams went turnabout, beating each other, all having 1 win each, so 2 points each.

Congratulations to Napier GC and the players involved for the win – unbeaten on the last day speaks for itself, a great achievement. Robin Daley, a Golf HB and Golf NZ life member presented the trophy to Gerry Gray, the Napier captain.

Thanks to Russell Burns who looked after the day for Golf HB and John Swinburne at Onga Onga for the presentation of the course and the catering.