Club Rules


Golf is a game with many rules and traditions, and also a number of players “expectations” when on the course. This is called golfing etiquette. These are actions centred around giving consideration to others on the course and keeping the course in good condition.


  • Each payers must have and use theri own set of clubs on the course
  • To respect other players do not move, talk or stand close to, or directly behind the ball, or the hole, when a player is making a stroke.
  • Please wait until the party in front is out of range, before playing your shot.
  • A single player is a group but and should give way to any matches.
  • Any match playing a full round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.

All Players MUST replace fairway divots and before leaving the green, carefully repair all pitch marks.


An acceptable dress standard is required at all times; both on the Course and in the Club House.

Board shorts, rugby shorts, singlets, sleeveless shirts, tank tops; are not allowed on the Course or in the Club House;
hats are not allowed in the Club house.

Approved Course shoes are standard golf shoes or flat soled ordinary shoes. Ripple or ribbed sole shoes are not permitted. Shoes worn out on the course are NOT permitted in the Clubhouse.

During Summer Season – boat shoes, sandals and jandals are acceptable in the Clubhouse


The recommended time for a round of golf on our course is 4 hours, 16 minutes, as stipulated by Golf NZ Pace of Play guidelines. "Ready Golf" is encouraged.

  • When the result of the hole has been determined, players should immediately leave the putting green and proceed to the next tee. You can mark your cards at the next tee.

  • Players, while looking for a lost ball, should allow matches following to pass them; they should signal to the players to pass and, having given such signal, they should not continue their play until those players have passed and are out of range.

  • Walk briskly between shots to help speed up play.

  • If you are losing ground on the players in front and the players behind are waiting, please call them through.

In the interest of all, players have an obligation to play at a reasonable pace. A slow player at the start of the field can ruin the day for the players behind. The Club calls on all groups to ensure they give way where necessary and this will enhance the pace of play and enjoyment for all members.


During the winter months when there is a frost delay, tee times involved will be delayed. The Professional,  after consultation with the Course Superintendent or representative, shall advise when play may commence. For the players who tee off from 11.00am onwards, they shall alternate with the turning morning players as required.

There is to be NO PLAY until the time indicated and then only at the direction of the Starter.

When adverse weather conditions preclude the continuation of play, the siren shall be sounded once to advise suspension of play. When sufficient time has elapsed to make a final resolution, play will resume or a second siren will indicate abandonment of that day’s play.


Please report to the Pro shop on arrival to pay your green fees and if a cart or any equipment is required please pre arrange this at least 8 days prior to your booking. Affiliated visiting golfers are required to produce their Club Membership Cards and also have it readily available when upstairs in the bar lounge.


All members are required to scan their OWN card in the club foyer after checking it has been correctly marked and signed by both player and marker. If you do not complete your round please mark the card Did Not Finish (DNF) and put into the slot by office door. If 13 or more holes are played, the player must post an 18-hole score (this can be done by the scanner using the edit function, then select “more” on keypad and select “not completed”. Do this hole by hole until all holes show as completed and are not flashing. If at least 7 holes are played, the player must post a 9-hole score (edit hole by hole as above).

18 Hole players are now able to submit a 9 hole round for 18 hole handicapping purposes. Click on the link to see how 9 hole scaling is calculated scaling up a 9-hole score.pdf (


Practice is permitted only in the following designated areas:

  • Main putting green in front of the Club House – no chipping allowed onto this green
  • Chipping green to the rear of the Club House – no further than 3 metres from the green please
  • Driving range adjacent to 1st fairway – balls to be purchased from Pro Shop;
  • Driving nets behind the 1st fairway tee blocks
  • Bunker and chipping green adjacent to 10th fairway – safe use requires every golfer to be in control; mindful of distance and other golfers using the facility
  • 6 hole course – entry from Omarunui Road
  • Bunker play to green – adjacent to 11th hole
  • Practice area adjacent to 12th fairway - car park access from Links Road:
    • if there is more than 1 person on the practice area balls can only be hit from the tee box area towards Links Road
    • safe use requires every golfer to be in control; mindful of distance and other golfers using the facility


Practice on the course and the 6 hole course is only permitted if the golfer is not:

  • delaying play
  • using more than 2 balls.


Please check the start sheet and report to the Pro Shop to collect your scorecard from the card printing kiosk before commencing your game.


Any changes to be made to the start sheet on the day of play must be done through the Pro shop or the office. This will ensure everyone is accounted for and players are not left on their own through cancellations. If you are bringing extra players out to play, please contact the office to ensure there is still a spot available.

Please remain in your allocated tee time. Do not “hop” around the start sheet to play with someone else, leaving players on their own. This is particularly embarrassing when visitors have been booked in with members and are then abandoned.

All games are to be played in fours or less, unless authorised by the Pro, Manager, or competition starter.

  • On a two tee start no play to commence from ANY tee between 9am and 11am and between 1pm and 3pm. Players arriving after 9am and 1pm may only start with the approval of the Pro, or competition starter
  • Players who reach the turn before 9am and 1pm MUST give way to starting players.
  • Please report to the starter 15 minutes prior to your booked time or be at the tee ready to start at the time booked.
  • No balls to be placed in chutes until all players are in the vicinity of the clubhouse.
  • During the summer season, games are to commence from the No 1 tee only. Players who commence from the No 10 tee will have no right of way at the turn.
  • It is essential to advise the Pro shop 844 7970 or the office 844 7913, if you are unable to play at the appointed time. If you are late on arrival and miss your tee time, you may have to consider other available tee times.


Trundlers must not be taken within two metres of the green. Where there is less than two metres between the bunker and the green, the trundler must be kept outside the bunker.


  • “Golfer Vehicle” means any vehicle approved for use on the Course by the Board; however powered and moving on 2 or more wheels; designed to carry one or a maximum of 2 persons;
  • includes by way of example (but not inclusive): 4 wheel cart (2 persons); 2 wheel motor scooter (1 person); 3 wheel cart (1 person); 4 wheel mobility device (1 person).

Golfer Vehicle – display - conditions of use on Course

1. The use of a Golfer Vehicle on the Course is subject to the Conditions approved by the Board of the Napier Golf Club          Incorporated (to ensure reasonably practical compliance with health and Safety at Work Act 2015).

2. The Driver of the Golfer Vehicle must be: 

      2.1 the holder of (and able to produce on demand) a current full driver licence (or international equivalent);

      2.2 familiar with and follow all on board Golfer Vehicle “Operating Instructions”.

3. No more than two people and two sets of golf clubs can be on, or transported by, a Golfer Vehicle 4 wheel cart (2 persons).

4. Golfer Vehicle occupants must remain wholly within/on the Golfer Vehicle and must not exit/dismount it until the Golfer Vehicle      has come to a complete stop and the brake has been activated and secured.

5. The driver of the Golfer Vehicle shall:

      5.1     always display the allocated Licence number and Reminder;

      5.2     only drive the Golfer Vehicle from the driver side;

      5.3     give way to and follow any direction from Course staff;

      5.4     observe all markers, ropes, signs, stakes, tapes; directing, prohibiting, restricting Golfer Vehicle use;

      5.5     stay on paths where provided;

      5.6     keep the Golfer Vehicle more than 5 metres away from any bunker, green or tee box (unless 7.5 applies);

      5.7     avoid muddy/wet areas and damage to the Course;

      5.8     always drive in a manner which is reasonable and safe for the Course and every person on the Course;

      5.9     pay for any damage to the Golfer Vehicle, Course, or property of a third party arising from negligent use of the Golfer                    Vehicle or breach of the conditions of use in the Course Licence.

If the use of an electric golf cart is required when playing any Women’s Club competition or Tournament, a current Medical Certificate MUST be lodged at the Office.


All Golfers may only access:

    · the 18 hole course area by starting from the No1 or No 10 tee box (unless playing a Club sanctioned shotgun start);

    · the 6 hole course from the Omarunui Road car park entrance; 

   · the practice green and practice bunker adjacent to holes 11 and 15; Links Road driving range; from the Links Road car park; 

   · the driving range adjacent to the No1 fairway from the entry opposite the Club house.


BYO alcohol is not permitted on the Course unless it is expressly allowed by prior written Board consent.

No glass can be taken on the Course


No dogs may be taken onto Club land.

The Course Superintendaent's dog "Millie" is designated the Club mascot and is given freedom of the Club land while in the presence of a greens-keeper. 


Our Club Licence regulations require all members to carry their membership card on them while enjoying a drink in the Lounge. Please also ensure you sign in your visitors – the visitors book is kept with the Bar Manager on the Bar and must be completed before they can be served.


See separate tab "Local Rules".

Any daily or weekly alterations will be printed on the inside of the scorecard.


No complaints will be considered unless submitted in writing addressed to the President (club related) or Men’s or Women’s Club Captains (golf related) and handed into the office.