Kapi Tareha Memorial Tournament


2021 Kapi Tareha Memorial Tournament

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The 2021 Kapi Tareha Memorial Tournament will be played on the 14th and 15th of August at Napier Golf Club, Waiohiki, Napier. The entry fee this year for the premium 54-hole Stroke Play(Gross & Net) is $100 (with early bird fee of $80) if paid before July 31st, 2021.

The Kapi Tareha was not played in 2020 due to Covid -19 so we look forward to hosting it once more in 2021. The event has been sanctioned as a Golf NZ Order of Merit for both men and women and will be played as an open off the championship tees.

Practice rounds will be available by prior arrangement with the Napier GC administration office.

[email protected] or (06) 844 7913

Registration will open from 5pm -7pm in the club house with a briefing at 6:30pm. For Local rules - Napier Golf Club Inc.


  • Each competitor must be a full playing member of an affiliated NZ Golf Club.

  • The competition will be played under the Rules of Golf adopted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, except as varied by the Local Rules of the Napier Golf Club as displayed either on the card or as supplied. (Net Medal competition)

  • Entry fee must be paid via Online banking or cash to the Napier Golf Club by July 31 to confirm your registration and early bird fee, Payment for $100 cash will be accepted Friday 13th of August 7pm if there are spots available. ($80 early bird if paid by July 31st)

  • Entry fee includes Friday August 13th practice round, packed lunch on Saturday.

  • To book a practice round please phone Club admin (06) 844 7913 or Pro Shop (06) 844 7970

  • Players arriving without a tee time booked will not be guaranteed a practice round.

  • Please give way to greens staff completing course preparations.

  • The field shall be restricted to the first 108 registered prepaid entries.

  • The 54-hole Kapi Tareha Tournament shall be completed over three medal rounds. 54-hole gross tournament includes 54-hole net competition.

  • The best overall Gross score after three rounds, will be the winner of the Kapi Tareha Memorial Trophy.

  • In the case of a tie for the best overall Gross score, the winner shall be decided by playoff commencing on the 18th hole, continuing the 10th hole, back to the 18th hole, continuing in the same rotation until a winner is found.

  • If bad light prevails, without any result, the players involved will become joint winners.

  • The 36-hole stableford competition is 18 holes on Saturday & 18 holes on Sunday.

  • If a player is playing in both the 54 hole and 36 Hole competition the first round and third round will count towards the stableford event.

  • All results will be decided by count back or by lot at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

  • Use of electric or petrol carts are excluded unless with medical certificate provided to the committee prior to starting the competition

  • Speed of play will be assessed and if a group is not keeping up the pace with the group in front will receive a warning. If the group continues to lose pace with the field penalty shots will be given to the group.

For the full version go to Local rules - Napier Golf Club Inc.

Local Rules (subject to variation by the Board) (v3.3 01.02.2020)

Short version

Course boundaries and out of bounds

Out of bounds is:

· boundary fence posts or white stakes;

· internal out of bounds;

A ball coming to rest beyond a public road is out of bounds, even if it is on another part of the course that is in bounds for other holes.

Internal out of bounds

Club House Area: including gardens and marked by white stakes and painted lines; course side concrete edges; paths; parking area.

hole 1: Club House Area; practice area boundary fence posts; white stakes.

hole 9 and 10: white stakes.

hole 13: a ball hit on to or beyond the hole 14 fairway (defined by: the edge of, and all the general area cut “closely mown”; a line extending at a right angle from the start of hole 14 fairway towards hole 16 fairway;) is out of bounds.

hole 18: Club House Area.

Declaring practice bunkers part of general area

The practice bunker located: to the extreme right of hole 10; to the extreme left of hole 11 and hole 15; is ground under repair and is part of the general area. Free relief is available under Rule 16.1b.

Alternative to stroke and distance for ball out of bounds or lost ball

The player may proceed under the Stroke and Distance Local Rule E-5 for penalty of 2 strokes rather proceeding under stroke and distance.

This Local Rule is not available if the:

· player has played another ball provisionally under penalty of stroke and distance;

· form of competition is Elite Golf (advised on the day by the golf committee).

Ball played from outside relief area when taking back-on-the-line relief

Local Rule E-12 is in effect.

Protection of garden areas and trees

Garden areas (defined as any planned space set aside for the cultivation and enjoyment of plants but excluding the garden area defined as an internal out of bounds on hole 9); trees identified by height less than 2 club lengths or with protecting stakes; are no play zones.

The player must take relief under Rule 16.1f.

All course paths and roads treated as obstructions

Except paths and roads designated out of bounds and the un-grassed area between hole 16 tee blocks and hole 15 green which is not a path all other course paths and roads are treated as immovable obstructions from which free relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.

Treating movable objects to be immovable

All: boundary fence gates; stakes (not boundary stakes) on the course; are immovable obstructions from which free relief is allowed under Rule 16.1. Relief is not allowed to be taken under Rule 15.2.

Painted lines or dots

Painted dots or lines on the putting green or in a part of the general area cut to fairway height is ground under repair from which relief is allowed under Rule 16.1. Interference does not exist if painted dots or lines only interfere with the player’s stance.

Preferred lies (cleaning and replacing) only applies when printed on playing card.


Practice is only permitted:

· Club House Area; (chip green; putting green);

· hole 1; behind tee block (pitch/chip green; bunkers; driving bays); driving range left of fairway;hole 11; bunker and green to extreme left of 11th green;

· hole 12; driving range right of tee block and fairway or access from Links Road;

· maximum 2 balls on the 6 or 18 hole courses.

Methods for stopping and resuming play

A suspension of play for any reason will be signalled by 2 extended siren bursts. All players on the course must immediately return to the Club House. If play is able to continue, players will be given 15 minutes to return to their position on the course when resumption of play will be signalled by 1 extended siren burst.

Distance markers

Distance on sprinkler heads; fairway markers are measured in metres to the centre of the green.

Fairway markers: blue 170; white 135; red 100.