COVID 19 Vaccination Policy
24th November 2021

For the attention of all members and visitors to the Napier Golf Club

Napier Golf Club Inc Covid 19 Vaccination Policy

On the 22nd November 2021 the Government announced that New Zealand will move into the Traffic Light Framework (Covid 19 Protection) from 11.59pm on Tuesday 2nd December 2021.

We encourage all members to visit the relevant websites to get up to speed on how the Traffic Light Framework will work.

The Traffic Light Framework requires the Club to ensure vaccine records are produced at the Club to enter the Clubhouse, office and the Pro shop, or interact with staff.

From 3rd December 2021 all staff, members and visitors wanting to use these facilities must provide proof of vaccination with the latest “my vaccine pass” either on your smart phone or printed; or we will also accept your proof of vaccine card provided at the time you received your jabs.

So that we don’t have to request proof of vaccine every time you visit the Club we can “tag” your membership so that when you make a tee booking the tag appears on the start sheet. This will show that we have already seen your proof of vaccination.

From 3rd December 2021 members and visitors will not be able to enter the Clubhouse, office, or Pro shop if they are unvaccinated or cannot prove vaccination status.

We are currently working on how we can enable unvaccinated members and visitors to play golf. If you are unvaccinated and you have entered a Club tournament you will not be able to enter Clubhouse afterwards. We will update as soon as we find a workable solution.

We are also working on a system that will work at the bar. Initially it will be based on the start sheet printout and requests from staff for vaccination proof. You will still be required to scan the QR code and complete the log in sheets provided for the Club’s information that you have visited the bar.

We are already entering vaccination information in the Dotgolf membership database.

If you are playing golf or visiting the Club before the 3rd December, please pop in with your vaccination proof so that we can update your status. We have a roster of volunteers in the Sprigg room who will be recording your status for us. If you are able to help out for a few hours we would love to add you to the roster please. Hopefully, this will slow the stampede on the 3rd December!

Please be kind and patient with all of our staff members and volunteers while we work through this process; expect delays as checking is completed.

At all times you must carry your proof of vaccination with you and produce it upon request. Not having your proof of vaccination with you will prevent all access.

The Club Vaccination Policy does not apply to Juniors who are not eligible for the Vaccine.

Napier Golf Club Inc
Board of Management.